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Performance Max News: Generative AI Assets have been spotted

Generative AI asset creation is coming to Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads to help you boost and enhance the existing creative assets, by generating totally new headlines, descriptions, and even images.

Google’s AI-powered Performance Max campaigns launched in 2021, to bring forward all the Google Ads inventory in a new, innovative way. Search, Display, Video, Discover, Gmail, and Maps were combined in a campaign type that can improve the reach and performance of the traditional campaigns. Ever since then, Performance Max has helped businesses understand, anticipate, and adapt to consumer trends and consumer behaviors.

Feedback and Google’s investment in supporting the newest shift toward this campaign type have brought new features, including brand exclusions, asset group reporting, search themes that will become effective beginning of 2024, and Generative AI. Now marketers can better understand the data and build high-quality assets that will aid and assist the performance of their campaigns.

Create text and image assets in an instant

Assets creation is one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of creating and optimizing a Performance Max campaign. Now, you will be able to generate all assets (including images) just by entering the final URL and the Generative AI tool will do the work for you in seconds.

Performance data will be a starting point for determining which assets have the higher probability for your campaign to perform well.

Apart from the exciting news of the newest capability of Performance Max asset creation, the good news is that you are always in control of deciding which assets you can include in your campaign. Images generated with the Generative AI tool will be unique to your business and will never be similar to your competitor’s images.

Give a boost to the existing assets

In addition to generating new and original assets, and helping you put together your Performance Max campaign very easily, the Generative AI feature will also offer you the opportunity to enhance the existing assets easily. You will be able to test the new image editing capabilities for different variations of images to see which ones perform best.

The creative workflow will be simplified and you will easily create, test, and pick the best creative concepts that perform best for your business. These new features can help you and your team save time and produce more effective ads.

The new AI-powered image editing capabilities are expected to be rolled out to all Google Ads accounts by early 2024. In the meantime, marketers can learn more about these new features and how to use them here.

Retailers with product assets can use Product Studio in Merchant Center Next to edit their product images with the power of AI and then run them in their linked Performance Max campaigns. This complements the generated assets for Performance Max and can help their business create more effective and engaging ads.

AI-Generated assets safety and transparency

Google is committed to the safe and transparent use of generative AI in Performance Max. All images created with generative AI will be identified as such and will include metadata indicating that they were generated by AI. Google also has guardrails in place to prevent its systems from engaging with inappropriate or sensitive prompts or suggesting policy-violating creatives. Any ad created with generated assets is subject to existing Ads policies and enforcement actions if it violates those policies. 

Google believes that generative AI can help marketers scale their creative ideas and improve performance across Google Ads. By making it easier for advertisers to create high-quality creative assets at scale, generative AI can help marketers reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently.

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