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Google Ads Professional Certifications became more challenging with Honorlock

In a move to combat cheating, Skillshop is now requiring users to utilize Honorlock for 2 of the Google Ads Certifications for obtaining Google Partner status.

This change is made in order to make Google Ads required exams more challenging to pass. In the past, everyone could have gotten Google Ads certified because it was possible to cheat on the exams by using downloaded Google resources or even using Google Search to look up answers. However, things have changed in the past month.

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What is Honorlock?

Honorlock is an online proctoring service that uses AI software and live proctors to monitor exam sessions for suspicious activity. Honorlock’s AI software is designed to detect cheating. Additionally, the live proctors can intervene if they see any suspicious activity.

The software supervises each student’s exam activity and sends signals to a US-based proctor who can check in real-time if there are any potential problems. This allows the proctor to alert the student and support them to finish the exam.

What are the prerequisites for taking the exam?

Selfie picture

The picture is used to verify the identity. Users need to take a selfie with the webcam. This helps Honorlock ensure that the person taking the exam is real.

ID picture

This picture is also used to very the identity. Users will need to take a picture of their ID with the webcam. Honorlock will then check the ID picture against the account information to make sure that the account is registered to the same person.

360 degrees exam room video

The video is intended to ensure that the user is taking the exam in a secure environment. The user will need to use the webcam to take a 360 degrees video of their exam room. This helps Honorlock that there are no unauthorized materials in the room, such as notes, smartphones, or scratch papers.

Moreover, the software will close all the existing tabs in the browser and will not allow the user to minimize the screen, change windows, and will disable existing browser extensions.

Tips for taking a Google Ads certification exam with Honorlock

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that you follow the instructions carefully and that you have a fair chance of success on your Google Ads certification exam.

Take the course

The first step to taking a Google Ads certification exam is to take the course. This will give you a foundation in the material that will be covered on the exam or help you revise any changes that might appear after the last time you took the certification exam.


Once you have taken the course, it is essential to prepare for the exam. This means studying the material that was covered in the course and consulting the available resources online.

Follow the instructions carefully

Honorlock has a strict set of rules that you must follow in order to take the exam. Make sure you understand the rules and that you follow them carefully.

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Which certifications require the Honorlock proctoring software?

  • Google Ads Video Professional Assessment
  • Google Ads Search Professional Assessment
  • Google Ads Display Professional Certification

What is the difference between Professional Certifications and Standard Certifications?

Professional certifications cover more advanced topics than standard certifications. They are also more difficult to pass. If you are new to Google Ads, we recommend starting with a standard certification. Once you have passed a standard certification, you can then move on to professional certification.

Over the years, Google Ads Partner status has lost its importance because of how easy it was to take the exam and pass it, mainly because anyone could copy-paste the question into Google search and find the answers on the first result page. Lately, obtaining the Partner badge has become more challenging and it ensures that the agency has its members certified through a more difficult exam.

*The information on this website is for informational purposes only and may be subject to change.

2 thoughts on “Google Ads Professional Certifications became more challenging with Honorlock”

  1. That’s true, although I expect that to change sometime. And I hope that it changes.
    It’s very boring for seasoned professionals to go through these exams once a year, but it’s also not ok for anyone to be able to pass any exam in 15 minutes just by Googling the answers…
    They will never be able to completely prevent cheating, but right now it’s just too easy…

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