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How to remove the “Create your free form with Hubspot” text

If you’re using Hubspot Free to gather leads, you’re probably annoyed by the “Create your free form with Hubspot ” branding at the bottom of every form.

The answer you probably came across when trying to fix this is that the branding message will go away the moment you upgrade to CMS or Marketing Hub Starter.

All of the free products offered by Hubspot include branding elements, and honestly, it’s not that big a deal considering the value their Free Tier offers.

However, you may still want to remove that text, until you upgrade. Here are two methods.

Hide the text via CSS

If you have a developer, you can ask them to hide the text via CSS. You will have to add the custom CSS to your website.

We’ve tested the following code and it worked.

.hs-form__virality-link {
    display: none;

While this works now, this method has some drawbacks. Hubspot can change the coding of the form at any time, and that will render this method obsolete and in need of an update.

The second method is more of a workaround, but it has even more benefits.

Use a third-party Form integrated with Hubspot

You can use a third-party form that integrates with Hubspot. After you configure it, it will act like a native Hubspot form.

For WordPress, most Contact Form plugins offer Hubspot integrations as a paid feature, however, this is included for free with Forminator, which is also our recommendation for setting up Google Ads Enhanced Conversions for Hubspot.

You will also get more options regarding how the form looks and can better integrate into your website, as well as some more features, like payments.


Hubspot offers great tools for free, and the branding makes sense even if it can be annoying. They probably don’t want you to remove it, but I hope these 2 ways presented in this article can help you do so and have a cleaner landing page, while still leveraging the power of Hubspot.

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Adrian Salcu