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Avoid this Google Ads Recommendations: Adjust CPA Targets

Every Google Ads specialist you ask will tell you to ignore Google’s Recommendations, not apply them, and opt out of most Automated Recommendations. But why? You might ask. After all, Google is behind the platform, it knows how it works best, and is interested in accounts being profitable so they can spend more, right?

I wish that was the case. Most of the times, Google Recommendations are after a quick profit and they just want you to spend more. They’re AI generated, and don’t take into account the particularities of your business. That’s not to say that there aren’t any good recommendations, just that you really need to carefully review everything before applying anything.

Let’s take a look at one recommendation type and why you shouldn’t apply it. With some actual examples.

Adjust CPA Targets

This is a Google Recommendation that promises a lot. It says you can “Get more conversions by adjusting your CPA targets”. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Even better, it says you could receive more conversions with a smaller relative increase in targets. Sounds even better, let’s apply it!

screenshot 2023 05 29 180901

Actually, let’s not apply anything. Just by a quick look at the numbers I can tell that’s something is very wrong. 5.93 more conversions for £417 Cost is way more than our target CPA for this account. Let’s hit “View recommendation” and take a look at the next popup.

screenshot 2023 05 29 170424

So, the target CPA is £24, and an increase of 25% will give us 5.93 conversions and £417 out the window. That’s a CPA of £70.3. That’s THREE times higher than the actual tCPA that we want.

This is kind of ridiculous, really. Who, in their right mind, would want this?

So, as quick takeaway, and rule of thumb, don’t apply any recommendation that deals with CPA. Not before thoroughly reviewing it and making sure it makes sense for your particular case. There is even an auto applied recommendation that wants to be able to change your target CPA. That is nonsense, you set the tCPA according to your business goals. It’s not something that can be changed without you knowing…

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